About AKJ

The AKJ group of companies (being AKJt Holdings Limited and AK Jensen Group Limited and their subsidiaries), established in 1995, is owned by shareholders who collectively have over US$24 billion in assets under management. The group serves hedge fund and institutional clients in 35 countries around the world.

Bringing it all together for hedge fund managers

The AKJ Ecosystem, a fully integrated crypto environment that provides institution-grade solutions for hedge fund managers, offers diversified access to the crypto economy for institutional investors. The ecosystem, which has over US$1 billion in ecosystem assets and provides services to clients with an additional US$11 billion in AuM, is the leading crypto hedge fund ecosystem in Europe. AKJ Ecosystem provides seed and accelerator capital to qualifying fund managers through its digital assets fund of funds, a top-ranked fund according to Eurekahedge. The interests of all participants – investors, fund managers and providers – are aligned through AKJ Token, a corporate enterprise token that fuels the ecosystem.


Visiting AKJ at the launch of our cooperation. From left: Per Morten Hjemgård og Arild Tveiten, NTF and Fredrik Erikstad, AKJ

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